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  • We own HSE Managers who posses recognized Degree or Diploma Qualification in Industrial safety and practical experience.
  • Compulsory Private Protective equipment’s are used at site such as Safety Helmets, Safety shoes, Safety reflective jackets.
  • Induction program for new recruits are initiated and also regular Tool Box talks to all the employees working at site is offered.
  • Child Labor is strictly prohibited.
  • Workmen compensation policy is achieved far all the projects.
  • First-aid kits offered to all the sites for instant treatment. We are also tied up with hospitals close to our vicinity in case of emergency situation.
  • Good Housekeeping is maintained every time to provide healthy working environment for ail the employees.
  • Safety sign displays are exhibited in all the projects and in the workplace.
  • Segregated storage is offered for dangerous and inflammable materials.
  • Work technique is according to the safety standards that are obtained for all activities such as hot work, working at Height, Shaft work, Excavation, etc.
  • We follow safety norms in stage by applying Modular system type or Framed type with standard working platforms and also SCAFF tags are given i.e. Green tag indicating ‘Safe to Use’ and Red tag specifying ‘Unsafe to Use’.
  • Application of safe electrical Hand tools and machines with suitable safeguards.
  • Application of ELCBs in short term Distribution Boards and suitable industrial plug and socket in all supply points.
  • Application of Lock out tag out system during maintenance and commissioning of live / shutdown electrical panels and equipments.

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